Why do some of your products come in pouches, and others in dissolvable sachets?

We’ve aimed to create the most efficient refilling system for each product. Originally all our products came in dissolvable sachets, but some products (like washing up liquid) required very large sachets. These large sachets, which we no longer sell, had a number of issues – for example they weren’t robust enough and they didn’t deliver enough product performance – which made us select pouches as a much better refilling solution. Even if you throw away your pouch after use you’ve reduced plastic waste by 70% compared to using a bottle, but you can send pouches back to us for refilling and reprocessing which reduces plastic waste by almost 100%.

How come the some labels have “corrosive” symbols and talk about harming aquatic life?

Splosh products are highly concentrated, in other words they contain very little water. We do this to minimise transport CO2 emissions as it’s wasteful to transport water around in bottles. However high concentrations change the labelling requirements, as they would for any environmental cleaning product. When back out in the environment, our products are no longer classified as a health or environmental hazard as they become so diluted.

What’s the difference between bio and non bio? Which do ones do you sell?

The distinction between “bio” and “non bio” is largely a UK marketing term to indicate whether a detergents contain enzymes. Enzymes are naturally occurring molecules that are found in our bodies and which are used in detergents to break down organic stains in your laundry (like food, baby poo, fats and grass). Despite what you may read online or be told by your GP, there is very little evidence that enzymes cause skin sensitization when used at home in laundry detergents. In the USA and Europe almost all detergents contain enzymes and some leave-on face creams contain enzymes too. For those with extreme skin sensitivity, if laundry detergent has any effect at all, the most likely culprits are the fragrance, the surfactants themselves or even residual mould in the washing machine itself. One can never say that something will never cause skin sensitization but, in the case of enzymes in detergents, the chances are vanishingly small. We are in favour of enzymes as they mean that less detergent is needed and therefore less waste goes into the environment. For these reasons Splosh our standard laundry detergents contain enzymes.

How does your laundry dosing cap work?

Our laundry dosing cap is very clever – it pours just the right amount of product every time and deals with one of the mainmast issues with laundry – that of over-dosing. You need one pour per load, two for a heavy load in a hard water area. You can see how it works here.

How do I know that your products work?

Splosh products have been carefully formulated by chemists with many years’ experience in creating outstanding cleaning and personal care products. Once created all our products are then laboratory tested before being trialled in homes. Only when we’re completely satisfied with them will we offer products for sale on our website. If you’re not completely satisfied with their performance we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

What do you put in your products?

Splosh products are carefully formulated with the environment in mind. We use plant-derived ingredients where possible, ensuring our formulations are both sustainable and rapidly biodegradable once back out in the environment. There’s quite a lot of nasty stuff we don’t put in too – like parabens, caustics, chlorine, ammonia, animal by-products or EDCs. Our products are not tested on animals.

Are your boxes safe when they arrive on my doormat?

We realise our delivery boxes have to be strong – so we made them super-strong. Pouches are themselves very strong are extremely unlikely to leak. Sachets are packed in sealed water-proof trays. Pouches and sachets come in robust corrugated outer boxes. They are then strapped twice in tough tape that can’t be opened by little fingers – you’ll need scissors to see what’s inside.

Does my starter box come with refills?

Yes. We put either powder, liquid or a sachet (depending on the product) into your bottles. Please note that some products (laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and the floor cleaner) are part-filled into the bottle with enough to get you started.

How should I store my refill boxes?

Please remember that refill boxes do not contain useable products and that what’s inside our sachets is highly concentrated. The most important thing to remember (and this is clearly marked on our packaging) is to store refill boxes out of the reach of children. In a line like books in a high cupboard is the best place. You should also store them somewhere dry – preferably at room temperature.

Where do I buy Splosh products?

Splosh products are available from our Splosh website, and a few carefully selected resellers. Our website is designed to make ordering way quicker than pushing a trolley down a supermarket aisle and delivery is much more convenient too.

Do you deliver outside mainland UK?

Unfortunately not at the moment, as Royal Mail do not allow our products to be sent by airfreight. Hopefully this will change as we expand and have other distribution centres.

What if I don’t like your products once I’ve tried them?

We’d be sorry to hear that, but it wouldn’t stop us giving you a 14 day 100% money-back refund.

Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes! Splosh products are not tested on animals and contain no animal by-products. We’re proud to be vegan friendly.

Any tips about refilling?

Why not email us if you have any more questions.