Customer reviews


Great smell

By Becky05 April, 2018

I love the fresh smell of this laundry powder and it’s dispenser system means less wastage and much less mess. I think it works out more expensive than our usual powder as we tend to buy big bulk family boxes of washing powder and we do a lot of washing.


Nice smell

By Becky05 April, 2018

The bottle is nice and tough and the smell is good. This doesn’t bubble up as much as my usual washing liquid.


Really impressive

By Helen21 March, 2018

I was hesitant about this, as I have two young children, a permanent mountain of laundry, and a range of interesting and often unidentifiable stains. This detergent does not disappoint. It leaves clothes clean and soft (I don't use softener and certainly don't need to now!) and lightly fragranced. It's enough to add a 'clean' smell to the clothes without being as overpowering as a lot of the supermarket brands tend to be. The cap is ingenious. It doles out the tiniest amount of detergent, which I never thought would be enough, but it is! I really cannot rate this highly enough.


Lasts forever

By Helen21 March, 2018

This has a gorgeous, fresh fragrance, and lasts really well. One small issue is it shoots out of the bottle pretty fast, making it easy to overuse, but even with that issue I'm still using far less than I was before switching to Splosh. Will definitely be buying more once I finish this bottle!



By Julie16 March, 2018

Excellent product. Have to be careful what I buy because of sensitve skin. No one is itching. FANTASTIC.



By agathe08 March, 2018

very good product it smells so good


Loving this

By Andrew06 March, 2018

We are working to be more environmentally friendly and cut our plastic use in the process. We thought we would try the Lime washing up liquid, it jas taken a little getting used to as we actually need to use less than we did with our old liquid. It works well, smells good and is easy to mix. We have written a full review on our blog We love this and will try more flavours.


Nice and bubbly

By Beth01 March, 2018

Happy with this. It works as well as the other eco brands, smells lovely and best of all means we cut plastic waste. Clever!


Smells nice and does the job

By Becky24 February, 2018

Happy with this washing up liquid, love the fragrance and it cleans our dishes well.


Not scented enough

By Becky24 February, 2018

There is hardly any scent at all to my clothes after washing, I find I have to add more to get a nicer smell, which sort of defeats the point!


Not great

By Julia20 February, 2018

I am afraid that we have reverted back to other brands of washing up liquids as we find the quality does not compare - not as good at cutting throuh grease and we need to use a lot more. Smelled nice, but not good enough


Love this....

By Hannah20 February, 2018

Ok, here’s an odd one. When I was pregnant with my youngest I was addicted to the smell of grapefruit. Weirdly enough this brings out all those lovely memories and smells nothing short of delicious. I won’t be making myself any washing up liquid flavoured tea any time soon but this smells great and does a fab job on the dishes.


Brilliant cleaning, not sure about the smell

By Hannah20 February, 2018

This product works really well. We have a nice sparkly bathroom. Not massively great on the scales up bits but it’s hard to find a product that is as our bathroom is old and VERY scaled up. I’m not too keen on the smell though so may try a different flavour next time.


VERY strong smell!

By Sara19 February, 2018

Overpowering on the bedding. I now use unscented, with a small amount of this added to use it up.


Smellier than before?

By Sara19 February, 2018

I notice that my most recent refill is very strongly scented. It lingers on the hands, and not in a good way when eating!


Long lasting and works well

By Ellie12 February, 2018

I never need much of this for a sink full of dishes and I love the grapefruit smell.


Pleased with the cleaning

By Ellie12 February, 2018

I bought my first Splosh powder 5 months ago, it was cotton flower fragranced. At the time, I was using it with another brand's unscented fabric conditioner. I quite liked that it wasn't a strong smell. Now that I'm ready to buy a refill, it's Jasmine scented, so, now I'm trying the non-bio laundry liquid. Any chance of bringing the Cotton Flower powder back as an option?


Excellent cleaning

By felicity08 February, 2018

This is excellent I used to use one of the more expensive brands of washing up liquid. This wins hands down cuts through grease and burnt on areas with ease


Cuts through the grease with easrease

By felicity08 February, 2018

I use this every where in the kitchen units sink taps, tiles and even the cooker. I used to buy separate cooker cleaner now I just use this leave a few minutes and wipe away, it works even the most burnt on areas


Great cleaner

By felicity08 February, 2018

I've got to messy children who love to get dirty, this cleaner cuts through the all the dirt left left in the bath with ease. Leaves my taps and tiles sparkling and smells great


Tough on stains

By felicity08 February, 2018

This is great if you have a really stubborn stain. Although I don't have to use very often as the laundry liquid works wonders by it self. But it's always keeping a bottle on stand by


Very soft

By felicity08 February, 2018

Leaves clothes very soft with a nice long lasting scent. Easy pour bottle gives just the right amount needed



By felicity08 February, 2018

Love this detergent it's amazing at getting even the dirtiest clothes clean. Lovely fragrance that lasts. Best of it's very gentle on the skin. Love the bottle measure, it's amazing how little you actually need to use


very pleased

By Ems06 February, 2018

very pleased with this as it has nice bubbles, smells nice and is pretty easy to refill. There are 3 refills for one box which is good.


It doesn’t smell!

By Danielle11 January, 2018

It cleans your hands but there really is no smell to it. I won’t buy this product again.


Great stuff!

By Danielle11 January, 2018

Cleans well and smells lovely-what more could you want! The dispenser is good, too!



By Danielle11 January, 2018

This smells great in the bottle but doesn’t smell at all once you’ve cleaned the floor with it. The floor is sticky afterwards as well. Such a shame-there are other well-known brands of almond floor cleaners which are so much better.


Fab spray and lovely smell

By Danielle11 January, 2018

This is my favourite Splosh product! It smells so nice and cleans well. I wish you did a floor cleaner with the same smell!


good with sensitive skins

By anna11 January, 2018

this works very well for us, nice not to have fragrance. not 100% sure about the dosing cap though.


Great buy

By Simon04 January, 2018

This was a great purchase!


Excellent product

By Amanda10 October, 2017

I use it for cleaning the bath and shower, sinks, worktops, paintwork, and floor tiles. A good all- purpose cleaner that works really well and smells good too. With a small house and limited storage not having to have separate cleaners for all the above is great.


Great Product- group test

By St Johns Academy06 October, 2017

Our design class think this is a ideal product for those who like a quality and care about the environment. The soap is easy to dilute although don't use it while still warm as that's quite strange. Please could you do a mint only 'flavour'. Softens your skin. If you ever need a group to test your new products our class would be happy to help.


nice and less waste!

By Naomi28 September, 2017

it's nice to be washing up while knowing I'm also reducing plastic waste! = less recycling too.


Great stuff!

By Beverley22 September, 2017

This does what it is intended to do at a competitive price and with far less plastic waste than the big brands. What’s not to like?


It works!

By Beverley22 September, 2017

I’ve been a customer for a while now and this bio laundry liquid is excellent. Many of the more eco friendly brands are less than effective (and I’ve tried a few over the years). Splosh detergents work, they are competitively priced and save considerably on the plastic waste. I’m convinced.


not good to start with

By Rebecca20 September, 2017

I had to ask Splosh about this as when I first made it up it wasn't any good at all and far too runny. It seems to be getting better but still has little bits in it.


like the fragrance

By Rebecca20 September, 2017

I've tried both of the splosh laundry liquids and I think this one has the nicer fragrance that lasts longer as the other one doesn't last so long.



By Rebecca20 September, 2017

this is a nice washing up liquid with lots of bubbles and a grapefruit fragrance that I like, it's also good at washing greasey pans



By Karen13 September, 2017

.... this is a big improvement on the last washing up liquid which we tried and din't like. a nice grapefruit fragrance as well .


good but confusing

By sue07 September, 2017

i luv the idea of these, my first go i must amit i got a bit confused in how i used it as only a little came out, but all good now


fab fragrance!

By Gemma06 September, 2017

love this fruity pomegranate fragrance its great


much better!

By judith30 August, 2017

I originally had a washing up liquid that you dissolved, then one that pours in and now this new one that also pours in. This new one is much the best, it's much bubblier and also has a nice colour which the last one didn't..


Works brilliantly

By Jo20 August, 2017

I was sceptical about changing to a more eco friendly stain remover but it works fantastically and I have 3 young children, so lots of different stains!


Refill comes in plastic!!

By Jenny17 August, 2017

Love the idea of this refillable product to reduce waste and the soap is great but when you re-order the new sachets come in a plastic container and the box has two huge plastic straps around it - surely could be in a cardboard box with a sticker to hold shut??


great bottle and works well

By Joanna14 August, 2017

works just as well as any other bio laundry liquid and I love the pouring bottle so you don't waste any! smells really good too. - only downside was that the bottle arrives a 3rd full, which is correct but the image shows a nearly full bottle so looks like there has been a mistake, (there hasn't)



By Rebecca24 July, 2017

I so badly wanted to love this as I am trying to reduce my single-use plastic, but it made made washing up so frustrating! And I usually love getting my dishes clean! The suds literally disappear before your eyes, after washing just a couple of barely-dirty items :( Really hope they can improve it soon!


Good product

By Janet21 July, 2017

This cleans well and has a nice lavender smell which we like.


Fluffy clothes...

By Janet21 July, 2017

... but not a strong fragrance. The lavender version has more fragrance



By Russell30 June, 2017

What happened to Rose and Lotus


nice gentle handwash

By Claire27 June, 2017

I quite like this handwash, it has a nice fresh scent to it, and leaves my hands feeling lovely.


Love the smell

By Claire27 June, 2017

I love the smell of this, and it feels amazing on my hands, this if a firm favourite that I will be stocking up on.


works well but a few niggles

By Claire27 June, 2017

My inner lover of bubbles is sad that this is so lacking in ability to make bubbles with any sort of staying power, and I kind of wish there was some sort of dosing system, but that said even a little goes a long way, and it does have very good cleaning power, even on forgotten week old dishes!


Little goes a long way

By Claire27 June, 2017

The first time I used this I kicked myself for not taking before and after photo's of the kitchen, This kitchen cleaner is amazing, and I want to know where it's been all my adult life! It make s a breeze of cleaning the kitchen and smells great to boot!


Good for sensitive skins

By Lynda26 June, 2017

So far happy with this. Not that much fragrance but it cleans ok and best of all works well with the sensitive skins in the family - reordering.


Not as good as it used to be

By Kayleigh23 June, 2017

This product used to be great, it's pretty terrible now and you only get three rather than four sachets. Doesn't seem to gel, mine is just watery liquid, had to use extra so won't even get the three bottles out of it. Also the fragrance is really weak now. I'm switching to a new brand once this is gone


Good detergent

By Jennie13 June, 2017

This is a good detergent and has a nice but nt overpowering fragrance. The cap gets a bit of getting used to as its not like other caps



By ryn09 June, 2017

love these scents and a great product too! i have a disability and the shape and weight of these bottles make handling them & laundry easier to do.



By DITZY09 June, 2017

love these scents and a great product too! i have a disability and the shape and weight of these bottles make handling them & laundry easier to do.


nicer fragrance

By sl05 June, 2017

we prefer this fragrance to the other one - its stronger and lasts longer


difficult to figure out proportions

By Rebecca03 June, 2017

I don't mind the lack of suds, but it would be helpful if the sachet was marked in thirds so you know how much concentrate to add to the bottle - too little makes a watery consistency, too much means you don't get three bottles' worth. If the sachet was marked, it would be easier to get the proportions right.



By Jo27 May, 2017

Just as good as alternative eco cleaners I've used in the past. Cleans well and smells good! I'll probably buy again.



By Jo27 May, 2017

Does the job but in the shower I find I have to work much harder to remove smears from the glass.


Very disappointing

By Jo27 May, 2017

I really wanted to like this product so I could cut down on my plastic use. However it's pretty awful- I'm getting through so much of it just trying to raise a few suds. A bottle of any other washing up liquid would normally last me several weeks at least but I've got through one of these bottles in a week. Maybe it's just not made for hard water areas?


Great idea but expensive

By Kayleigh23 May, 2017

Ive been a loyal user of splosh for some years now but the new laundry powder and bottle is not good. Works out a lot more expensive than it used to in practice and doesnt seem as effective on stains - often have to wash twice to remove stains as things dont seem to come out clean with this powder. Love the splosh ethos but the product changes let them down.


pleased this is back

By Anna23 May, 2017

We are so pleased this lovely fragrance is back in the hand wash


like it

By Helen23 May, 2017

we tried the other cotton flower fragrance first but this one is better as the fragrance is stronger and you can actually smell it on the clothes. They wer nice and soft too.



By Helen23 May, 2017

unlike other stain removers you squeeze this on which is a little bit of a fiddle but it works a treat



By Michelle09 May, 2017

I am really disappointed in the new sachet refills for the washing up liquid. The consistency just doesn't seem the same as the previous sachets which dissolved in the bottles. Really not sure if I should continue to use the product as it doesn't foam as much as it used to and neither does it cut through the grease as the previous product did.


very happy!

By Alison02 May, 2017

just checked how this cleaned and have to say v impressed! we like a strong fragrance and this one quite light so 4 stars, will try the lavender version next.


Great smell, great on grease

By Yanika25 April, 2017

This smells amazing and is better than the Ecover cleaner I've used in the past. If you leave it for 30secs, it shifts really stuck on food and grease. Very impressed, the best Eco cleaner I've used- comparable to non-eco cleaners.


Disappointing compared to other Splosh products

By Yanika25 April, 2017

I have tried a few of your other products, which have smelt great and worked surprisingly well, but I won't order the washing up liquid again. Not many bubbles, which isn't a problem in itself, but water gets greasy quickly and needs lots of changing. The other products I've tried rival or exceed the mainstream Eco brand, but not this I'm afraid. Hopefully the recipe can be improved.


Good product

By Emma24 April, 2017

This is a good, general loo cleaner. Nice smell, cleans fairly well. We live in London and the hard water does mean we get a lot of staining. Unfortunately this product doesn't remove the stains at the bottom of the bowl...but to be fair no general toilet cleaner does. The only thing that does work is pure vinegar!


Great all purpose cleaner

By Emma24 April, 2017

This is a great all round cleaner that smells of lavender...exactly as advertised! The fragrance is quite powerful actually, works well to mask the hamster smell of the nappy bucket when wiping out after a wash. Refills are inexpensive and with 4 arriving in the post I only have to order every few months. And we use a lot of spray. Very happy with this product.


Lovely fragrance - but quite expensive

By Jane24 April, 2017

This has a lovely fragrance and seems to do the job but, pound for pound, I think it's expensive for a floor cleaner.


finally they brought it back!

By Tina13 April, 2017

don't know why they stopped selling this fragrance is much the nicer one imo as you can't really smell the other one after cleaning. the new version that comes in a pouch has a cap that takes a bit of a fiddle at first but it does clean well i can confirm..


a bit watery....

By Tina13 April, 2017

They have done something to this one as it's much more watery than it was before and without much colour. They told me they are about to change it again but I don't see why they changed it in the first place!!


Not for me

By Rosi02 April, 2017

I thought this ok, but I didn't like the smell - purely personal and I prefer the lavender cleaner.



By Rosi02 April, 2017

Smells nice, cleans well and I shall be buying it regularly


Lovely lavender

By Rosi02 April, 2017

smells so good - fresh lavender fields rather than old lady lavender! Cleans fine.


all good

By Rosi02 April, 2017

I like the smell, it has enough bubbles for me - although I am only washing smaller items or delicate items as I have a dishwasher for the hard core stuff.


I like it!

By Rowena02 April, 2017

mixed reviews but I really like this product. We have a septic tank and really care about what we are putting in the environment. It smells nice, cleans really well and it is the first time I have found an eco product where I don't feel I need to use bleach too on the odd occasion. I shall be buying this for as long as they make it!


very good

By Rosi02 April, 2017

I love this hand wash, it is gentle on the skin, smells lovely and lasts a long time.


cleaning well so far

By claire17 March, 2017

happy with this as it cleans well and has a nice fragrance, we're collecting the pouches to send back which is a bit of a pain but better for the environment I suppose...


works ok

By CLaire17 March, 2017

this works ok and has quite a nice fragrance, the sachet is not as nice as it was a slightly strange-looking powder but it dissolves as usual.


excellent cleaning ability

By KIRSTIE 14 March, 2017

i am new to Splosh and ordered this in my starter box, even though it is a measured dose and it looks like it will never be enough for a full load in an 8kg washer, it seems to do just fine. nice smelling clothes and along with the fabric conditioner, they come out nice and soft. i will be re-ordering in the near future when everything is starting to run out.


Overall good

By Lewis J09 March, 2017

Overall this is a good product - nice small, cleans well. Colour is slightly strange I would say but that's not much of a problem. The cap I didn't like at all to start with but now I have lived with it for a bit (and worked out how to make it work properly) I think it's very good although you can only pour one amount for any load size which seems illogical.


wrong fragrance

By ella28 February, 2017

they don't do this in the lavender fragrance which i like but otherwise its ok


new to splosh and like it!

By ella28 February, 2017

just tried this out and it has a nice fragrance and seems to clean clothes very well. there is a slightly weird cap that took me a while to work out but what it does is pour a fixed amount every time which is actually quite cleaver, although it doesn't let you vary the dose.


prefer this

By Mary M21 February, 2017

i prefer this fragrance and we have ordered the refill. It leaves a lovely smell on the laundry.


So pleased its' back....

By Geoff14 February, 2017

This is the nicer fragrance for me, can't think why they stopped selling it for so long



By Nick08 February, 2017

Works well with a small amount, great dosing system, no mess! And much less plastic, brilliant!


Great product

By Nick08 February, 2017

Smells good, convenient dispenser, works well and much less plastic waste! Brilliant idea.


fab in every way!

By annette06 February, 2017

this has a super fresh fragrance and feels nice the hands and is popular with the family!


Effective but not sure about the dosing system

By Alison02 February, 2017

I like the subtle smell and it cleans effectively, but I'm not sure about the dosing system. I live in a hard water area, so have to use extra of most cleaning products. I also do laundry of various load sizes; such as a quick wash of the dogs' coats after muddy walkies! Therefore I want to be able to vary the amount of powder, so would appreciate a guide re quantity per kilo of laundry, rather than just pouring some in and hoping for the best.


like it

By Hannah30 January, 2017

very nice smell and no plastic waste which is fab


Very powerful

By Shelley 09 January, 2017

Only a very little comes out when you pour but it really does work on stains and general dirt. Not much fragrance but works well.


Different and better

By Coolcat06 January, 2017

This has changed a lot from splashes last version and takes a bit of getting used to, but it does work well on stains



By David04 January, 2017

You have to use a lot and the bubbles do not last long making this product more expensive than a normal branded option, I like the other products but this one is not very good. I am in a hard water area and it may work fine if you are using a water softener or are in a soft water area.


good product from splosh

By Matt14 December, 2016

we are re-ordering as we like this


Not so good...

By Matt14 December, 2016

I like the other splosh products but this one isn't so good as the bubbles don't last



By JemK22 November, 2016

They have changed this - it used to be darker and gloopy and not come out of the bottle but this one seems better.. at least it doesn't get stuck in the bottle



By JemK22 November, 2016

This has a slightly strange pouring cap which takes a while to get used to but otherwise this works fine and smells nice.


clever idea

By Andrea14 November, 2016

this is the first time I've come across a hand wash that has a refillable bottle which saves all that terrible plastic waste. Its a good idea.


worked well for us

By Rachel09 November, 2016

Just tried this on a couple of stains and was impressed, working well. Bit confusing as it's the same bottle as the washing up liquid but otherwise like it


nice - works well

By helen08 November, 2016

this works well and smells nice


less bubbles

By helen08 November, 2016

this is ok and washing but the bubbles go too quickly



By fiona01 November, 2016

This works letter than the last detergent and washing smells fresh. The cap gets some getting used to as very little comes out but apparently this is the righ amount..


Great results.

By Paul17 October, 2016

This is one of the best eco spray cleaners I've tried and smells lovely. Shifts dirt and leaves a great shine.The fact that this product can be delivered through the letterbox means I don't have to worry about missing deliveries.


Clean hands, soft skin.

By Paul17 October, 2016

I have this handwash in my kitchen and bathroom. Cleans mucky hands without drying out your skin. All my visitors comment on the lovely scent although I do miss the Blackberry version.


Greatly improved

By Paul17 October, 2016

I really liked the theory behind the old Splosh washing up liquid but it did lack the ability to clean really greasy dishes so I went back to using the main Eco brand. I received a sample of the new formula and I must say , it's a great improvement. I also like that the refill pouch can be sent back to Splosh to be recycled.


Great cleaning

By Paul17 October, 2016

Only a little is needed for beautifully clean floors. I've found this product is great for cleaning paint work too. Gorgeous, natural smell that doesn't catch the back of your throat like some mainstream products.



By Jazz08 October, 2016

Improved washing up,in a better bottle,fantastic it now has had the color removed as not needed in products.Works well at the job,smells nice foams enough.good.



By Jazz08 October, 2016

This is the new powder that I was sent as I wanted a replacement bottle,and it had a sample inside.Good cleaning abilities,smells nice,not too strong,but enough to have a gentle scent left on clothes,good on whites.Only a small amount needed so hopefully will last.


very easy refilling system

By EM06 October, 2016

this product is refilled by a sachet that disolves which is MUCH beter for the environment than throwing the bottle away. It works well and has a nice smell to it.


refills now in a pouch

By EM06 October, 2016

splosh have changed the way they do refills for this product. It is now done by adding water and then using a pouch. This is MORE HASSLE than the previous way but the washing up liquid is much better than before, so swings in roundabouts.. They should have kep the dissolving sachet for this product imo


weird... but good

By Kim T01 October, 2016

this stuff is weird becuase it seems to pour hardly any powder but it works on dirty clothes. Not much fragrance tho


Brilliant cleaning, subtle scent.

By Paul01 October, 2016

i love the cleaning ability of Splosh powder, I do prefer this scent over the cotton flower as the camomile and lavender smell does stay on the laundry, even after things have been tumble dried. The smell isn't over powering, just a nice subtle scent. I've found I don't need softener on the majority of my laundry as Splosh powder leaves thing soft enough.


grease cutting performance

By Dave29 September, 2016

Just washed a full set of greasy trays from the Sunday roast and this worked very well - in contrast to the previous version which was not a patch on this. Same bottle as floor cleaner which may be confusing sometimes!


really almondy!

By Dave29 September, 2016

very nice almondy smell makes cleaning the floors not quite such a chore. Squeezes into bucket and works fine.



By maria27 September, 2016

nice fragrance and clothes soft after using this, also less plastic waste which is the main advantage!


cleans well with a little powder

By anna20 September, 2016

this seems to be a substitute for their liquid detergent, it cleans very well as only a tiny amount of powder pours out of the spout. not much fragrance tho


good at cleaning!

By Jade13 September, 2016

Cleans greasy dishes very well, now you get 3 bottles refills not 4 so a bit more expensive so 4 stars.


Lovely smell!

By Jade13 September, 2016

Can't stop using this one as the smell is so great!


dispenser problems!

By susan12 September, 2016

SPLOSH used to have a nice easy system where you poured exactly how much you wanted each time but theyre new system means you can only pour one amount which doesn't takr into account hard water etc!!


Better than before...

By Rosie L07 September, 2016

.... as they have stopped the probelm with it going gloopy in the bottle which was infuriating


same fragrance

By Emma 07 September, 2016

reviewed the last floor cleaner and this thankfully has the same nice smell. Haven't ordered a refill yet as seems to last a long time



By Jan05 September, 2016

just tried this and nice fragrance and clothes feel nice too..,


Very good at cleaning...

By Andrew05 September, 2016

This is very good at cleaning for what looks like a very small dose. 4 stars because the fragrance is not that strong.



By Lisa02 September, 2016

We stopped using Splosh mainly as the last washing up liquid didn't work well at all. This new one is much better (although not as good as Fairy) but it seems to clean very greasy pans well.


works well

By Ruth01 September, 2016

Tried this new powder out and no problems with the cleaning - works well


the new version

By Louise31 August, 2016

splosh changed their bottles recently which seemed to me more plastic waste but despite that this new washing up liquid is much better than the old one. cuts through grease well. also the cap is a new design and im hoping is better than the old one which kept breaking. they should have more fragrances through..



By Linda30 August, 2016

Really nice smell this one has, although they should also have the blackberry as it's moree fruity which is out of stock.


Brilliant product

By Paul30 August, 2016

Over the years I have tried just about every detergent , both mainstream and Eco, I have to say this beats everything hands down. I've used it on all the holiday washing and Splosh powder has got sunscreen , olive oil and food stains out of clothing, even on the quicker cycles on my washer. You can't really smell the fragrance on dried laundry, it just smells clean, it's not a big problem as I don't like overpowering scents that seem to be in a lot of laundry products. This detergent is superb on whites and light colours, I was worried that it may be too harsh for darks as it contains bleaching agents but I haven't noticed any drastic fading. The self dosing lid is great, you'll be amazed at how little detergent you actually need and it rinses out very well. Over all I can't recommend this product highly enough , give it a try for yourself and see.


Pricey and leaves your hands dry

By Annie02 August, 2016

This stuff works well except for the fact that it leaves my hands feeling dry and uncomfortable, so much so that I have to put lotion on them. That could just be me. But also it costs £1.49p per bottle of 250ml, when I can buy an Asda's own make hand wash for 49p of 500ml, and it doesn't leave my hands dry. Love all the other Splosh products I've tried, but this one isn't worth it for me.



By Holly17 July, 2016

I don't write the word 'perfect' very often when describing but this product, and the company as a whole, warrants this. Every aspect, from the product itself to the ordering process, from the packaging to the design of the website is a joy to use so I take every opportunity to tell friends and family.


Love it!

By Vikky06 July, 2016

What can I say. It does the job perfectly. It has a very subtle fragrance.


Great for farm life!

By Vikky06 July, 2016

We have a septic tank and this is by far the nicest toilet cleaner I have bought for it. What can I say, it does the job! Great for the environment and so cheap compared to supermarket brands.


Really good.

By Vikky06 July, 2016

I ordered the lavender bio detergent as the cotton flower was out of stock. The fragrance isn't an overpowering lavender. Its just perfect and washes clothes a treat. I highly recommend this product!


Gorgeous smell, soft fluffy clothes

By Hana02 June, 2016

Lovely, works reall well on clothes to stop them being too 'crispy' after a line dry, wonderful smell that stays fresh (unlike my previous eco version)


Fresh cleaning power

By Sarah-Jayne10 May, 2016

I switched from another eco brand back to Daz as my clothes weren't clean enough so I was a bit unsure whether this liquid would cut the mustard! I works fantastically well at cleaning our clothes (which includes two very messy children!).


Could be better!

By Sarah-Jayne10 May, 2016

Great smell and cleans well up to a point. As previously mentioned it struggles with greasy dishes. I find I have to do two loads of washing up to ensure everything is clean.



By Vix1624 April, 2016

I first heard of Splosh on an internet forum. As I have a septic tank I was really keen to try the products. The laundry detergent has a lovely clean smell and is easy to use. From now on, Splosh will be my first shopping stop!


use correctly!

By nina18 April, 2016

Be warned this one needs TWO sachets not one as otherwise it doesn't work at all. That said is now (now) a very good product as Splosh seem to have improved it from the last version. The smell is very nice and refreshing on the hands



By CJ07 April, 2016

This has a very nice fragrance on the hands and is nice and moisturising, better than many others Ive tried.


needs more work on it!

By Julie02 April, 2016

I use the cleaner once a week as that is all that is required and it goes very thick after awhile. And as another reviewer observed, it is hard to remove when left overnight. I'll be back to ecover when this refill is used.


Nice smell!

By Jan07 March, 2016

This floor cleaner has a really lovely smell!


Very pleased!

By Wendy14 February, 2016

I first heard about these products on a FB group. I am limited in the products I can use as my son has eczema and certain products make it worse, Clothes are beautifully clean and smell gorgeous. I'm not used to fragrance as the last product I used was non-smelly. I keep having to smell myself!


happy to recommend

By Celia01 February, 2016

this has a lovely fragrance on the hand and is also moisturising



By Lucy11 January, 2016

love the fragrance and cleaning is good so am reordering


great shower cleaner

By Kathryn09 January, 2016

great cleaner and it brings the shower cabinet up a treat. Doesn't smell like a heavy duty cleaner but it works like one. Sink looks like new. Gives the taps an extra shine too.


Great cleaner

By Kathryn09 January, 2016

I am not too keen on the fragrance as it smells like shower gel but it cleans very well and the fragrance soon goes. Have given it 4 stars only because I don't like the fragrance.



By Kathryn09 January, 2016

Of all the sprays this is the only fragrance I love. Will be buying and using more of this. Easy to use and leaves house smelling clean. Also great for use in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.


love the new version!

By Ruth L04 January, 2016

Just tried the new version - not much colour to it, but it has a much nicer feel on the hands than the old one - which was drying. Well done Splosh!


does a good job

By Louise30 December, 2015

this one is now a powder but it works well and has a very nice fragrance.


Not so good

By anouska22 December, 2015

I have been using a wide range of splosh products and this is the only one that is no good. It smells fine so good start, but when used sticks rather too well to the toilet so is really hard to scrub off. The cleaner does not get rid of stains or limescale and I really see no point in using it.


Lovely all round

By Rhiannon 30 November, 2015

Love this product, I am happy with a non lingering smell! :)


cleans well!

By Janey23 November, 2015

less fragrance but cleans well and the refilling bit was easy enough


nice fragrance

By Jennifer G14 November, 2015

A nice frangrance and seems to work as well as an eco cleaner. the refilling bit is easy to do


now powder

By Alison09 November, 2015

this used to be a liquid in the sachet but now its a smaller sachet and powder - does the job well and smells nice


Love the product, hate the bottle

By Kayleigh05 November, 2015

Really like the product, smells great and does a good job but the bottle is awful - leaks everywhere and sprays out of the top without squeezing when you use it. I have to spend ages cleaning up each time I use it


Do love the product

By hayley03 November, 2015

It smells great and does its job. I so far have only managed to get this in my starter pack, i have ordered refills twice and every hand-wash is out of stock. Takes the point out of using this service.


Its ok

By hayley03 November, 2015

Not a fan of the smell, it seems to clean OK. Two of mine burst (one was empty as soon as i opened the box, one after it was left in the box under the sink) so for £5 odd i only had 1 bottle, I'm trying the service one more time. Not had a problem with the toilet cleaner or conditioner yet.


Pleased to have less waste

By Mary28 October, 2015

Lovely fragrance which is not so noticeable after drying. Bye bye all those empty plastic bottles out to "recycling"!


lovely smelling laundry

By Liz23 September, 2015

this one smells lovely and washes well


5 stars

By Rob03 September, 2015

Nice fragrance, cleans well and much less plastic waste. Very happy with this product.


As good as Ecover

By Rob03 September, 2015

This works about as well as Ecover ie. not as well as fairy but the fragrance is nice and of course much less plastic waste.


Fine for an eco cleaner

By Sal24 August, 2015

Not as strong as Fairy but fine compared to other eco wash liquids I've found. Nice fragrance too.



By Sal24 August, 2015

Lovely fragrance and works really well. Would 100% recommend,


very good

By Maria 04 August, 2015

Great product and lovely fragrance. Well designed bottle.


needs stronger fragrance

By Maria 03 August, 2015

Good product but I prefer more lingering fragrance on my clean clothes


Great product

By Maria03 August, 2015

Does what it says on the tin, smells great, does the job!


really nice fragrance

By Sally11 July, 2015

this has such a great fragrance that even hubby is cleaning kitchen surfaces - which is a first for us!!



By patricia Nona28 June, 2015

I was impressed with this product, not least because it didn't have the strong, artificial perfume of the item I had been using. It worked very effectively.



By EBJ18 June, 2015

Nice fragrance and cleans well for an eco detergent. for some reason this needs 2 sachets in a bottle so one refill box = 2 bottles not 4 like the others



By Linda09 June, 2015

Like the toilet bowl cleaner, I've found that bathroom sprays either clean or smell nice but never both. This product does both. I don't find any scrubbing is needed - quick spray, leave for a few mins and wipe. Very impressed.



By Linda09 June, 2015

The cleaning power is about the same as other brands that I've tried but it smells so much nicer and feels nicer on the hands!



By Linda09 June, 2015

I've now tried all 3 fragrances and I like them all - I'd recommend this product.



By Linda09 June, 2015

This is the best toilet bowl cleaner I've tried. Most are either effective and smell bad or smell ok and don't clean very well. This product ticks all boxes.


Not impressed unfortunately...

By Linda09 June, 2015

I didn't find this cleaned any better or worse than other products but it did leave clothes smelling damp and musty - clothes that were not heavily soiled but just worn once and washed. I've actually had to throw out a couple of tops as I've not been able to get the smell out despite repeat washing. I used the fabric conditioner with the washing detergent. The Lavender version may be better but I'm reluctant to spend the money on trying it.



By Angus04 June, 2015

VEry nice gentle fragrance and easy to use. not so good on bad grass stains but other stains cleaned well. we/re going to continue using splosh in preference over previous eco brand


very nice smell

By Kj29 May, 2015

lovely smell, really natural and good at cleaning



By Amy22 May, 2015

nice and fluffy when everything is dried and so much better for our poor old planet


Nice but weak fragrance

By Steph18 May, 2015

Very easy to use and cleans well. The fragrance is strong in the bottle but not so strong on clothes afterwards



By Charlotte16 May, 2015

Very disappointed with my last delivery - have just opened fabric conditioner and non bio wash liquid and both boxes contained products that had leaked, leaving me with at least one tube half empty of each product.


Easy and good for the environment

By Helen28 April, 2015

Refilling is a very simple process with the Splosh sachets. When I washed the floors we all loved the fragrance and it does a good job cleaning. Five stars!


Glad I found you

By Gillian24 April, 2015

Recommended by my granddaughter I ordered the five pack trial and have been really pleased - have used the laundry and dishwashing most myself but my 'help' likes the household cleaners (at 84 I feel entitled to give up housework myself!). Like others I found the residual perfume a bit light hence 4 not 5 but the general quality is excellent - and I do like to feel I am doing my bit for the planet!



By Claire14 April, 2015

Lovely fragrance (better than the mint we think) and the refilling bit is easy so far


Such a nice fragrance!

By Jennfier27 March, 2015

This one has a really nice fragrance. The liquid is thick (sometimes too thick) and is pretty good at general washing up.


Nice and soft

By Jennifer27 March, 2015

Leaves our clothes feeling very soft. Nice fragrance in the bottle but less on clothes when dried. Refilling bit is very easy and logical thing to do..


Bubbles and a nice fragrance!!

By Alison K20 March, 2015

use this all the time now



By Julie17 March, 2015

It seems counter productive to put in dye that needs to be washed off - so using more water. Not good for the environment either presumably even if biodegradeable. Extra work for it! Changed to Traidcraft Clean and Fair.


fab fragrance!!

By Emily16 February, 2015

love the almondy fragrance and this also works well - converted!



By AMORE12 February, 2015

It's OK, but fails to remove the limescale. It leaves a blue/grey line round the water line.


Bubbly and think!

By Sarah 09 February, 2015

we have been Splosh customers for a fwe months and this washing up liquid is much better than the previous one they had which didn't have many bubbles. You have to watch out thought as water needs to be very hot from the tap otherwise it wont disolve properly


really love this fabric conditioner

By Fiona07 February, 2015

after addiction to the fabric conditioner of another (sadly no longer so) eco brand for over twenty years. I have successfully made the shift onto Splosh Cotton Flower fabric conditioner and must say that I am not experiencing withdrawal symptoms one bit


happy bunny!

By cate04 February, 2015

love this eco friendly detergent which is not tested on animals. nice fragrance too and working well.


Nice and easy to use

By Jo26 January, 2015

We are reording Splosh as it's easy to use and good at cleaning. the only minus point is fragrance is not strong when clothes dry but i don't like strong fragrances so not a problem for me


Not fragranced enough

By Emma 19 January, 2015

I thought the laundry liquid fragrance was too weak so hoped that adding the conditioner would help enhance and prolong the frangrance but unfortunately, although the smell is nice it is not strong anough and does not last long on dry clothes.


Fragrance is too weak

By Emma 19 January, 2015

The cleaning power of the product is good but always need to use at least one full cap. The fragrance is nice but far too weak. The clothes barely smell of clean washing when dry and I love the 'freshly washed laundry' smell that you get from other brands. The fact you can reuse the bottles is keeping me with Splosh but I'm considering moving away from this product.


Great Product

By Emma 19 January, 2015

Smells lovely and cleans well - what more can I say!?



By Emma 19 January, 2015

Very pleased with this product, excellent stain removal power.


clever idea

By Ek19 January, 2015

Our pump got clogged up and we found out that this was caused by a bit of the sachet getting stuck in it - but it was quite easily solved by washing out the tube in the bottle. Otherwise this is a nice product with a good fragrance, but its not that moisturising.


overall it's nice

By jane14 January, 2015

the cleaner works well and we love not having to throw away the plastic bottle, the fragrnce is not a good as some of the other splosh ones



By Katie J09 January, 2015

so fruity when doing our washing up! nice fragrance, easy to use, lots of bubbles, ok not not brilliant on grease so 4 stars


Fresh fragrance and effective cleaning

By Beverley07 January, 2015

Found Splosh whilst searching web for eco detergents. We are impressed with the cleaning power of Splosh washing up liquid and love the fresh lime fragrance. Best thing of all is not to be throwing out all that plastic.


we love splosh!

By kelly04 January, 2015

really nice fragrance clothes come out smelling lovely and best of all no plastic unnecessary waste!


fresh smelling

By Nicky02 January, 2015

tried this new fragrance as an alternative to our lovely pomegranate kitchen cleaner... this one is nice and fresh but we think the pomy one is still the best one to go for


Works well for us

By John02 January, 2015

We've used this for several weeks now and its working well for general family cleaning. Fragrance not that strong when clothes dry so 4 stars.



By Charlotte22 December, 2014

The all purpose cleaner cleans literally EVERYTHING! We have a baby and a toddler in our household and this is now an indispensable product. We use it to clean spills off the carpet, clean the glass in the shower, clean between tiles, clean furniture..



By Jo12 December, 2014

Have started using this to clean my bathroom. It has a wonderful aroma that lingers pleasantly after you've used it.



By Clare12 December, 2014

Came out fluffy and smelling nice!!


much better!!

By Kate02 December, 2014

This is a review for the new washing up liquid which is much bubblier than the last. It's got a lovely fragrance (very grapefruity) and cleans dishes well with good bubbles. Pleased with the improvement I would say!


Better than the last one

By Kate24 November, 2014

We are really into Splosh but pretty much gave up on their washing liquid as the bubbles seemed to disappear staright away.... so we gave their "imprved" one a go and it does seem a lot better.


powerfully working

By Suzanne23 November, 2014

I really like this splosh toilet bowl cleaner. It smells so refreshing and really works.


beautiful smell

By Suzanne23 November, 2014

I really like this splosh kitchen cleaner. It smells beautiful and does the job splendidly.


great remover

By Suzanne23 November, 2014

I really like this splosh laundry stain remover. It works really well even on white clothes. The first time I used it the stain vanished immediately.


It's a no from me

By Sheridan19 November, 2014

I'm a keen fan of other Splosh fragrances, and as I love the smell of lavender I was keen to try this out. Sadly, I'm really disappointed - this smells far too artificial and cloying for me, and has a smell that grabs the back of my throat and makes me feel a bit queasy, not what I want at all! So the other sachets will remain unused I'm afraid. and its back to my usual fragrances.


nice idea....but...

By Brenda19 November, 2014

the splosh concept is really clever and it's easy to put the sachets in a bottle and dissolve. fragrance is nice and natural. But the stain removal on proper dirt is weak, although for general washes it works ok. so you need to use with a stain remover spray.


nice Laundry product

By Emily07 November, 2014

Lovely fragrance, easy to refill, easy to get refills in a little brown box, cleaning ok but not as good as a powder so 4 stars.



By MAxine03 November, 2014

really nice fragrance which encourages little hands to wash,


very lavendery

By cc29 October, 2014

this has a very strong fragrance in the bottle, although less strong when clothes are washed. nice cleaning power and refilling bit is good too


Nice fresh fragrance!

By Jennfier K20 October, 2014

Very minty smell is very popular!


Fab fragrance!

By Jennifer K20 October, 2014

Love this fragrance and the kids do too!



By claire14 October, 2014

refilling bit is clever and easy, but note this one needs two sachets not one for some reason, fragrance in bottle very nice indeed, cleaning ok for an eco cleaner, fragrance after wash quite weak unless you use 2 cupz so 4 stars.


Pleasingly surprised

By FionaDilston10 October, 2014

I like this stuff a lot. As a woman who likes her whites white this stuff comes up trumps ...I am converted and weaning off another brand ;)


Love it

By FionaDilston10 October, 2014

It's green and it's thick and it does the job well ..the bottle is pleasingly different to look at and this refill business pleases me no end ....cute little sachets mixed with hot water ...easy peasy lime squeasy



By LM23 September, 2014

Lovely fragrance and pretty good fluffiness so we are reordering to reduce our plastic waste!


just tried this

By Jon16 September, 2014

and a super fragrance it has, used the sachets in our regular kitchen cleaner bottle so no new bottle needed..


Needs more scent

By Lisa12 September, 2014

Good product which seems to work well but not enough scent for me. Perhaps you could invent some scent boosters for those of us who like more perfume. Make them like those bath pearls you used to be able to buy which can be bobbed and dissolved with the product.



By Sal08 September, 2014

Happy with this product as it washes well, has a nice fragrance and best of all means LESS PLASTIC WASTE!


Good fragrance

By Hannah05 September, 2014

This has a fragrance that's been very popular with all our family


nice fragrance

By Jay26 August, 2014

happy to recommend this product, it works well


Clever idea!

By Carol19 August, 2014

Why don't all the other companies do this as it's so simple! We are re-buying from splosh and are very happy with the product. Carol.


Very impressed

By Susan16 August, 2014

I love this product. Very bubbly and my dishes are squeaky clean. Fragrance is lovely and it's kind on my hands. Will definitely be buying again.


Very good concept

By Robert09 August, 2014

Splosh is a very good concept, I don't know why other big brands don't do this. This product does what it says, although fragrance is only mild afterwards.


loving refilling!

By anna09 August, 2014

this one takes two sachets and it's just easy to do - it sounds silly but we like watching the sachets disolve! ...fragrance is nice too


Lovely smell!

By Deborah05 August, 2014

Easy to refill and a really really nice fragrance


Love refillable cleaning!!

By Deborah05 August, 2014

We find refilling easy and just so logical - cleans well too!!



By ClaireC10 July, 2014

lovely fragrance this one has but you'll need a little more for greasy pans


All natural

By Linda30 June, 2014

Very natural smelling and although it seems to go quickly we think this one is great



By nikki29 June, 2014

This loo cleaner is very effective at limescale,fresh smelling and keeps the toilet bowl bright and clean,only 4 stars as the dye in it seems futile,and if it leaks down the sides will stain floor/paint work,but apart from that a very good product.


trying all the fragrances

By JemCY27 June, 2014

and this one is good!!


Fab fragrance

By Rebecca J20 June, 2014

We are ordering some more reflils of this product as it works very well is better for the environment and best of all has a fab fragrance - we tried the other fragrance but this is nicer


Good product...

By Gemma16 June, 2014

,... nice fragrance and cleans well - but on heavy loads it struggles a bit so we use the powder boosts as well.


love the fragrance!!

By Joy C10 June, 2014

so natural!


nice smell of lavender

By Angie05 June, 2014

there's a natural lavender smell with this softener and our clothes come out great too. 5 stars!!


Very white

By Mark03 June, 2014

This cleans better than our last detergent and all our clothes are now very white!!


we like this

By AL27 May, 2014

just ordering our first box of refills, the fragrance is really nice in the bottle but mild on the clothes afterwards, and it cleans well


Interesting fragrance

By Michelle S27 May, 2014

This has a very natural and interesting fragrance which is popular in the family. Performance good for an eco brand but very good if you use the powder sachets for heavy loads.


nice fragrance

By Jennifer12 May, 2014

happy to recommend this as we like the fragrance so much


popular with the kids

By kay06 May, 2014

the kids like using this and the smell is nice. once it separated a bit but we shook it up and that seemed to fix it.


Good cleaning

By Jos06 May, 2014

We use a bit more than a capful and the cleaning is good, the fragrance after washing not strong but nice. Best of all is the refilling part which is easy although they seem to need TWO sachets per bottle not one.


Much easier to rinse!

By Midge01 May, 2014

Love this product! It's going to take some getting used to because it doesn't foam like most bathroom cleaners. I probably used more than I needed to on the first use. It does make the job quicker and much easier to rinse. It helps the fragrance is nice and the chemical smell is reduced. Glad I opted for the discounted refills on my first order! Nice design on the bottle, trigger works well.


Lovely product with a clean and fresh fragrance

By Midge01 May, 2014

Although once made with two sachets this is a slightly thinner hand soap than I'm used to, less than one full pump of the soap is more than enough. Converted! Love this one. :)


Works, subtle fragrance

By Midge01 May, 2014

The bottle is a great design, easy to use product. The fragrance is nice and subtle but doesn't seem to be noticeable once clothes have dried. This may not suit those that prefer longer lasting fragrance on their laundry.


Lovely smell!

By Micky01 May, 2014

Works as you'd expect one of these thing to do with a lovely smell as well. We found you have to make sure the top bit is screwed down tight after use otherwise it can leak down the bottle a bit.


yummy fragrance

By JH30 April, 2014

very natural smelling fragrance and refilling is easy. no more plastic waste which we hate.


natural smelling fragrance

By Sal28 April, 2014

really good fragrance, and ok for an eco product in terms of the cleaning - just ordering refills so hoping that bit works well!


Happy so far...

By lisa28 April, 2014

Like the fragrance and two washes in we're happy with the cleaning perf. Refilling is easy, just don't try and pour bottle straight after adding the hot water as it gets too bubbly!


Nice, effective

By Jane27 April, 2014

Yes I am happy with this. It gets most things clean including shirt collars, especially if you squirt a bit neat on them from your bottle, rather than putting it in the soap drawer of the washing machine. You really need an old washing up bottle for this. And saves buying all that water at the supermarket, and carrying it home! I know I could get powder but I don't think it always dissolves completely and then that causes itchy skin.


Not good for grease, too bubbly

By Jane27 April, 2014

I agree with Melanie below. This is very bubbly but not strong enough for greasy pans. I also find that the bubbles are hard to rinse off and if you don't rinse them well out of your teapot, for example, then your tea is all bubbly next time - yuk!


Lovely product

By Jane27 April, 2014

I love the fragrance, and yes it cleans your hands. It would also be nice to use as a shower gel.


Keep away from cloth nappies!

By Katie24 April, 2014

I tried this product after reading that it would work well with our cloth nappies. Big mistake! Since changing to this detergent, our nappies have had a terrible build up of detergent and ammonia, which we cannot shift. There is also major build up in our clothes. We have been running repeated detergent free loads and still the suds come!


Such a nice fragrance

By Susan22 April, 2014

We use this for the fragrance mainly, it's natural and (guess not surprisingly) smells of yummy almonds. Cleans ok too...


Very happy

By Helen11 April, 2014

Refilling is straightforward and sachets dissolve quickly and fragrance is not strong but pleasant.


Love this!!

By Jen10 April, 2014

Really nice minty fragrance, easy to use and best of all no waste!


Really natural fragrance

By SJ09 April, 2014

We love the fragrance, although bubbles don't last that long so you end up needing quite a lot. But at least refillable so will continue with it


More expensive than the competive brands

By Julie07 April, 2014

I was so disappointed to find out that the washing up liquid its more expensive than the competitive brands in the supermarkets, and you have to use your own water! Not as cheap as they claimed to be beware!


Soft and fruity!

By Fiona07 April, 2014

Lovely fragrance and nice and soft on the hands - ok cleaning for an eco product.


Fab fragrance Splosh!

By sarah28 March, 2014

Really love this natural lavender fragrance which I can smell when wearing clothes afterwards. It's very summery!


fragrance is very nice

By SSK17 March, 2014

although it says on the box, we forgot to use two sachets the first time and it didn't work so well, but the second time we did it right and this has a lovely fragrance and cleans hands well for us


All round great!

By Rebecca17 March, 2014

Really love this mainly for the fragrance which is amazing but also the refilling part which is easy and stops us throwing bottles away.


Very nice

By Sacha J12 March, 2014

You need sometimes a bit more than a capful as Splosh suggest, but this seems to be a good detergent with a nice fragrance.


Fruity fragrance!!

By Nicola10 March, 2014

Really natural fruity fragrance - not chemically at all. Makes washing up a pleasure to do!


we all love the fragrance

By Jo03 March, 2014

it's very natural and very popular with young and old in this family!


Fresh fragrance

By Jemima03 March, 2014

a nice & fresh fragrance and nice bubbles, no complaints about this splosh product..


Easy to use... cleans well

By Natalie26 February, 2014

This product requires two sachets not one. They dissolve quickly to make up one litre of detergent. We use a bit more than a capful for most loads and it works well with a nice, but not very strong, fragrance. Pleased not to be throwing the bottle away at the end.


Good for sensitive skins

By Sara21 February, 2014

We all have sensitive skins and this works well for all the family. It's gentle with a lovely soft fragrance. Recommended.


This one is so juicy!!

By Cat21 February, 2014

Best fragrance and some nice bubbles. They don't last that long, but doesn't seem to matter to much..


Excellent, simple solution

By Sue16 February, 2014

Like the other Splosh products I have used, this does the job. It cleans well. There is no strong smell on your clothes but I prefer that. The clothes are clean and soft. Makes you wonder what is in all the 'hi-tech' and very highly scented powders and liquids on the market. I am definitely converted to the Splosh way!


Lovely scent

By Kirstie14 February, 2014

This smells so nice and the smell lasts after the product dries. Will definitely be ordering again.


Easy to do the refills

By Karen10 February, 2014

Refilling is very easy and so much better for the planet than chucking bottles away as we used to do. Nice fragrance too


very nice fragrance

By Karen03 February, 2014

this one is very popular in the downstairs loo with lots commenting on the fragrance



By Sam03 February, 2014

Fresh smelling and lots of bubbles which go quite quickly, but still nice.


Very Good

By Sue01 February, 2014

This is every bit as good as the rival eco brand I was using, which is much more expensive. I used it on our old red clay tiles and also on our laminate-type bathroom floor and it worked on both.


We're splosh addicts!!

By Annj31 January, 2014

We use this one all the time for it's fab fragrance - it's really fruity


ok for an eco detergent

By Mark30 January, 2014

This won't clean as well as a non eco powder but is fine for an eco-style detergent. The fragrance is appealing but not strong. We have used with their little powder sachets which are very good, but seem to have run out which is not so good.


mmmmm... lovely

By susi30 January, 2014

best fragrance ever and we've tried all of them. popular with the kids so that's a plus


We say...

By JK30 January, 2014

Lovely fragrance, lots have commented on it as it's nice and fresh. Sachet can take a while to disolve though


Love the smell of this one

By Vicki26 January, 2014

...and works well using 1.5 capfuls. Impressed and am already on my first refill


Where's the lather?

By Vicki26 January, 2014

Slimy, and hardly any lather. Unimpressed.


Beautiful smell and amazing cleaning power!

By Joanne 23 January, 2014

Well I was in love with the clementine and lemon kitchen cleaner but I think I prefer the smell of this one even more!!! After I cleaned te kitchen the children thought I'd been soaking in a fruity bubble bath as the smell filled the house...lush! Same brilliant cleaning power as the clementine and lemon, so well done splosh for another amazing product!


Lovely fragrance

By Jen & family23 January, 2014

We love the fragrance and soft bubbles of this splosh product - like most eco products less good on grease so we soak overnight and then seems to work fine


smells like a much more expensive product

By Sara22 January, 2014

refilling works easily, really great fragrance, could be more moisturising so 4 stars


Lovely and soft

By Claire22 January, 2014

Such a nice fragrance and nice soft clothes. Price seems quite competitive too.


good product.

By iris20 January, 2014

This softens the clothes well,however im not so keen on this fragrance prefer the cotton flower as lighter and more feminine,think this lavender is a good one for the boys,also was not keen on colour added, dont think its necessary to add any colour to any of splosh products,most people who are into green cleaning prefer to leave them out.



By iris20 January, 2014

this laundry wash is effective but gentle,so great for childrens clothes/bedding.the smell is lovely,it smells of white flowers and is summery and light,and having used this for a while, when i smelt some commercial laundry liquid the other day at the store it smelt so strong and wrong,im really glad ive switched to splosh,prefer this to the lavender one,i think the lavender one more suited to boys/men.


lovely to but too small and pricey

By Jude14 January, 2014

smells heavenly, lovely on your hands but bottle is very small, only lasts a couple of weeks and very expensive compared to the cheapo (bad for environment but cheap) brands we usually use.


Great stuff, small bottle

By Jude14 January, 2014

impressed with this washing up liquid, stays bubbly for a long time and cleans dishes well, smells lovely. Bottle a bit small, doesn't last more than a couple of weeks.


Fab fragrance

By Sarah K13 January, 2014

Great fragrance and easy to refill with the sachets - but look on the refill box it needs 2 sachets for this one, so 2 bottles in a refill box.


great smell for dishwashing

By Lisa06 January, 2014

This one has a really nice fragrance


Works very well

By Suzanne04 January, 2014

This works very well and has a lovely very natural fragrance. The only thing to watch is don't leave your laundry damp in the machine for a long time as it seems to smell not very nice after a while. If dried quite quickly it's fine..


It's ok as an eco product

By Jo03 January, 2014

We've tried almost all Splosh products and this one probably the least good. That said it's about there with most other eco brands but much less bubbly than good old Fairy. Struggles on heavy grease for sure. Fragrance is fab however.


It's washing up liquid

By Martin02 January, 2014

It's OK. It's washing up liquid. No better and no worse than the normal stuff only slightly more expensive. We accidentally put the bottle down on top of a drawing pin, rendering the bottle useless. When you factor in the cost of replacement bottles it works out more expensive than supermarket brands. If you've got money to spare and it's important to you to flaunt green credentials go for it.


Lovely product

By Sarah02 January, 2014

This makes our clothes all nice and fluffy - and we love the lavender fragrance which has been commented on by family members!



By Chloe28 December, 2013

Cleans my clothes really well (in a hard water area too). Smells nice and delicate, not overpowering like some. Had no problems with skin sensitivity either like i have with other detergents in the past.



By Chloe28 December, 2013

I was very impressed; a little goes a long way and it smells great. It leaves my hands soft too.


we love the fragrance

By Katie J16 December, 2013

this has a very nice fragrance and is easy to use although we think it could be a bit more moisiturising


Great Splosh product!!

By Emma16 December, 2013

Really nice natural fragrance and works well. Watching the sachets dissolve is the best bit! We are re-ordering.


smells lovely

By iris07 December, 2013

this has a really pretty smell of white flowers,but its subtle on the laundry,not in your face like some of the commercial ones,but still there when clothes dry,this would be nice for spring/summer,it leaves fabrics soft,im going to try the lavender/chamomile for winter.


smells great,very effective

By iris07 December, 2013

this wash up liquid is very good,ive used other eco ones which can be abit weak,but this has enough strength to tackle grease and leave things clean and sparkly,so very impressed for a eco/animal friendly cleaning product,will be buying more.


Nice idea

By SUe02 December, 2013

You need to use more than one capful for a normal load we find, but the fragrance is nice and it works ok for an eco product.


fluffy clothes!!

By Joanne02 December, 2013

makes our clothes lovely and fluffy and very happy with the fragrance (which is not that strong but nice)


fresh fragrance

By David J02 December, 2013

This has a good fresh fragrance. Really pleased to be using a refillable product like this. Works well.


very happy

By Kt21 November, 2013

nice fragrance and works well on stains. you put in two sachets and just add tap water . you have to let the bubbles settle first before using it


Lovely fragrance

By Amber21 November, 2013

This has a lovely fragrance it's juicy and really really natural


Great concept and product

By Victoria18 November, 2013

I originally bought this item as I really like the Splosh concept. This was the first product I have used it I am really impressed. It smells good - very subtle so no strong fragrance - and worked really well to remove stains from both white and coloured items. These were stains that a normal wash just wasn't touching. I will definiately be ordering refills for this.


Nice fragrance...

By LSS15 November, 2013

... and bubbles seem good so far.


fruity fragrance!

By Alex15 November, 2013

This has a nice fruity fragrance and seems to clean well. Splosh have done well to make the refilling side of things very easy


easy to use

By MPK08 November, 2013

the refilling is very easy, and very logical. Expect this system to catch on.


happy with this hand wash

By kirsty08 November, 2013

we are happy to carry on buying this hand wash mainly for the fab smell. we had an issue with the dispenser bit not working but were told how to fix this by rinsing in hot water - apparently you shouldn't use straight after dissolving the sachet but this wasnt made clear by sposh


yummy fragrance!!

By CAT06 November, 2013

this has got a very nice fruity fragrance


Clever product

By ZJames06 November, 2013

This works well with the usual easy refilling. Not as viscous as some toilet bowl cleaners but sticks to the sides well and has a very fresh minty fragrance..


Excellent cleaning and fragrance!

By Joannethepan31 October, 2013

Cleans all floors really well and smells beautiful. Gentle formula which doesn't catch in my throat like other floor cleaners on the market. Another splosh product I would highly recommend!!!


Great product!!!

By Joannethepan30 October, 2013

Can't fault this product...used one squirt in a washing up bowl full of water. This easily cleaned:- 6 dinner plates (chinese takeaway), 6 breakfast bowls (cereal encrusted), 6 dessert bowls (rice pudding & jam), cutlery, glasses and a frying pan (burnt ommlette) with ease. The water went cold before the beautiful smelling bubbles disappeared. As a busy housewife and mother of four, who spents large amounts of time washing up, I would highly recommend this washing up liquid and can't wait to try the other fragrances!!!


Love it

By Amy28 October, 2013

Gentle smell, great cleaning -and one bottle lasts for ages!


A good additon to the range

By Patrick J24 October, 2013

We see we are the first reviewing this Splosh product! Our family has been a Splosh customer for a few months now and like both the refilling system and the fragrances. It dissolves like their other products but this one is much darker (good for the environment? I don't think so...) but looks nice with the white logo on the front. It works well, or seems to work as well as Ecover. it has quite a powerful very minty fragrance which we've had mixed views on but generally we like So a good product and I can't believe we're writing a review of a toilet bowl cleaner!!


Thank goodness it's back!

By harriet16 October, 2013

we've missed this product really for its fab fragrance which is warm and very natural and very popular among all of us, even Hubby has commented which is a first!!


Fab new fragrance!!

By CJ15 October, 2013

Tried the two other washing up liquid fragrances (grapefruit preferred) so thought we' give this one a go - it's FAB, our now new favourite


pump may stop working

By richard15 October, 2013

a good product but caution - the pump can stop working. contacted splosh and they said to remove the dip tube from the dispenser and wash it out with warm water. that worked. apparently bits of undisolved sachet can get stuck in the tube and this happens if you use the pump immediately after sachets dissolve. not a major issue but worth knowing about and they should have put this on their refill box i think.



By Lucy T15 October, 2013

We have this hand wash in our downstairs toilet and so many people have said how nice the fragrance is. Refilling is easy, although this one seems to need 2 sachets and it works fine.


Cool fragrance!!

By Vanita09 October, 2013

BEst fragrance we've tried of a washing detergent as it smells so natural!!


Not so many bubbles

By Melanie09 October, 2013

We use a number of Splosh products and we think this is the least good. It has a nice fragrance and cleans dishes ok, but the bubbles go quickly on a greasy pan. It is better for the environment than other washing up liquids but Splosh need to make it a bit stronger..


Very impressed

By SallJ09 October, 2013

I was a bit sceptical about Splosh but ordered a starter box on the recommendation of a friend. The 4 bottles arrived in a box and we tried this one first. The adding water bit is great - very easy, no mess. This floor cleaner has a very nice fragrance and does a great job cleaning the floor. Well done Splosh, I am a fan!



By Hayley07 October, 2013

This is a REALLY GOOD product! I was truly impressed! It is as good, if not better than the leading brand, and it smells great too! Buy this product!!


works fine

By KL07 October, 2013

we use one capful which i don't think is quite enough but it has a very nice fragrance which is better than the lavender one (which is a bit too rich)


Overall this is fine

By Ann07 October, 2013

although it is not as moisturising as Splosh say it is. Nice fragrance


Very nice fragrance

By Gemma J04 October, 2013

and leaves clothes nice and soft..


Back and better

By Amy04 October, 2013

Had an earlier version which was not so good, but we've just tried this one and are pleased with it. Amy.


So good it makes me want to clean more!

By Jay28 September, 2013

I have been so impressed with this cleaner. It is really powerful, even shifts weetabix from my daughter's high chair! And it smells so good I have been known to go looking for extra stuff to clean!


classic fragrance

By Vanessa25 September, 2013

easy to use, very nice fragrance and no waste - my dispenser broke but they replaced this for free


clever idea

By GK25 September, 2013

very much like the Splosh concept and this product works ok -


just lovely

By Lynsey14 September, 2013

This smells great and doesn't dry my hands out like a lot of hand washes I have tried. Will be buying more bottles to go in the other rooms as well as refills


great smell and effective

By Lynsey14 September, 2013

Like the other splosh products I have I found this strong (not overpowering) but very natural in fragrance and leaves no residue. I don't need to use much in a normal sink full. I need an extra squeeze for greasy pans, but I always need more with my previous washing liquid too so this is not a problem. will be ordering the refills for this


bye bye chemical smells...hello freshness

By Lynsey14 September, 2013

Ok, so let me start by being completely honest and saying I wasn't expecting much from this bathroom cleaner. I have used supermarket cleaner since having my own home and found nothing but chemical smells that get to your throat and then disappear leaving nothing but slight residue. I thought there was no way a product that is cheap and available in a sachet for you to mix yourself could possibly be any better. But after seeing a few of my friends talking about splosh products, and the £5 off promo code, I thought I would give it a go. So here I was before work, cleaning my bathroom, and finding myself oooing and aaaahhing at the smell of this cleaner. No overpowering chemical smell, NO RESIDUE!! and worked so well. After returning from work, I went into the bathroom to be greeted by the same gorgeous clean and refreshing smell that hadn't faded one bit in almost 12 hours, 1 shower and a bath. I am so pleased I ordered your products and have been raving about them since. I can say now that I will not be using supermarket products again and looking forward to buying your detergent and other products very soon


Two caps sometimes better

By Jems09 September, 2013

We use two capfuls mostly as this seems to do a better job cleaning. Very nice fragrance, so 4 stars.


lovely fragrance

By GGM09 September, 2013

this smells so natural, we love it. a clever concept as don't bottles out to recycling now.


i love it

By Blackberrybelle05 September, 2013

i think this product is fab,nicest smelling w.u.liquid i have found and i love the idea of everything being refills,what would make it perfect is if the plastic tray the refills come in was biodegradable?!


good cleaning system

By BJ03 September, 2013

Splosh have designed a good cleaning system with their sachets. It's easy to dilute them and generally the products work well.


In daily use

By Susan03 September, 2013

this Splosh product is in daily use in home and we like it very much. We also think this fragrance is very good.


nice fragrance

By annie28 August, 2013

pleased so far after 3 washes....


Light scent and good cleaning power

By Emma25 August, 2013

No issues at all with the cleaning power which is great, but I'm not 100% sold on the scent which I expected to be a light floral - to me this smells quite sugary-sweet, not unpleasant but not my favourite.


Great fruity fragrance!

By Emma25 August, 2013

This has really impressed me with its great cleaning power and nice fresh, fruity scent - lovely!


Great cleaning and nice fresh fragrance

By Emma25 August, 2013

I have really enjoyed using this product. It cleans well and it's great that I can use it on all of the floors in my house. The scent is light, fresh and natural - it isn't too overpowering which makes a refreshing change from most of the cleaning products available today.


better fragrance

By Lea22 August, 2013

we prefer this fragrance to the lavender one, not very strong on clothes but still nice.


Use two sachets!

By Henry22 August, 2013

Tried this with one sachet and it was far too runny, it works ok with two which they say on their refill box. Fragrance is good and smells natural..


love love love the fragrance!!

By Sue16 August, 2013

very fresh and just right for our kitchen


5 stars

By JonM16 August, 2013

Cracking product from Splosh - good cleaning and great fragrance which seems very natural. The refilling process is easy, the pouring cap is ok although some drips to give a minor niggle.


Good eco product

By JoJo16 August, 2013

we had a problem with the cap but they've now got a new version which seems stronger and no probs with it so far.... we like this fragrance and it cleans well...less bubbles but that is apparently better for the environment... we are re-ordering


Using this for a long time now

By JOHN13 August, 2013

We're getting into the Splosh routine now of ordering refills and it's a clever system. We like the fragrance of this product, the only negative being that it doesn't clean as well as a powder.


very nice product all round

By Soph13 August, 2013

we love the way the sachets dissolve, it's very clever. the product works well and best of all is the fragrance. price-wise it seems good value!!


Overall we like this

By Jennifer & Family13 August, 2013

Yes the bubbles don't last as long as Fairy but it does have a great fragrance and of course is a more eco option with the refilling


We love the fragrance

By Abi J13 August, 2013

... it's great when in the bottle and more subtle on the clothes which we like... this is a popular one with the family


Lovely smell

By Emma09 August, 2013

This is the first Splosh product I've tried and the whole family loves it. The smell is gorgeous and it's all so easy to do. Looking forward to trying the other fragrances!!


It's ok but....

By Carla07 August, 2013

It's ok but I need to fill up the washing up bowl twice or even 3 times -refilling with washing up liquid- because the "cleaning" effect wears off quite quickly. Also the bottle itself is quite badly designed. Its top snapped off in the first few days of use. Is also difficult to grab with soapy hands and it is difficult to keep the nozzle area clean. Lovely and gentle on hands, but that is all.



By JOHN23 July, 2013



interesting one

By VJ23 July, 2013

quite a "girly" fragrance which is proving popular with little ones washing hands, we prefer the blackberry one


Fresh fragrance

By Mel23 July, 2013

This has a very fresh fragrance which we all love


Fantastic smell

By Andrew10 July, 2013

Smells absolutely divine and does a grand job of cleaning. Like most liquid soaps on the market we do find it a bit too thick, but that's easily solved by using one sachet and filling the bottle to about 2/3 full. Does weaken the aroma slightly but is still good.



By KT09 July, 2013

Nice fragrance (not that strong and lavendery) and ok cleaning for this product. best bit is the refilling ..very very easy and neat as sachet dissolves.


like this

By DEbs and family04 July, 2013

We like this Splosh product especially the fragrance. Bubbles well but they don't last forever.


yummy fragrance

By CJennings04 July, 2013

and easy to use the refills works well on our floors


why don't they all do this?

By CM04 July, 2013

makes a lot of sense refilling with splosh sachets - no more wasted bottles. will be recommending..


great in many ways

By SALHJ25 June, 2013

This products has a great fragrance, lots of bubbles and is fine for general washing up. We find it struggles a bit in really greasy pans but it is the eco choice for us as we now refill.


clever way of doing things

By ian25 June, 2013

we like the splosh concept as it's so much better for the environment with less trash etc. very happy with all products tried so far



By Cathy & family25 June, 2013

This is very popular in our family, kids love watching how the sachets dissolve and we all like the cleaning. Prefer this fragrance to the other one, altho no as powerful..


lovely all round

By Jo G16 June, 2013

very nice fragrance and works well


clever idea

By Anna16 June, 2013

Haven't seen a laundry stain remover done like this before. You need two sachets or this one and as usual add the hot water and ufse it soon after. Performance is ok (similar to Ecover IMO) and fragrance is nice.


really love the fragrance

By CHEz16 June, 2013

we used the other laundry detergent and liked it but thought we would try this new one - it's fab!


Lovely product

By Christopher15 June, 2013

Great washing liquid - affordable, good for the environment and smells gorgeous! Highly recommended.


Double use

By escopana05 June, 2013

Hi. I took the initiative to use the hand wash as a body wash and it works just as well leaving my skin far softer. Now I'm bulk buying using this product as a hand wash and shower gel. ...holding out for a splosh, daily facewash, shaving gel shampoo & conditioner.


like the refilling..

By JENNIFER29 May, 2013

this works ok and we love the fragrance.. the refilling bit is very clever..


Love the fragrance!!

By Sara29 May, 2013

Just ordered this one, and prefer it to the lavender one. Fab fragrance I'd say!!


very nice

By jessEV29 May, 2013

we are reordering this for a second time - it works well and we like the refilling system - dead easy,,


Great product

By Julia29 May, 2013

I've been using the laundry detergent for a while now, always gives great results. But what happened to the fabric conditioner? I was just looking to order a refill and it doesn't appear any more



By Claire20 May, 2013

Gorgeous scent & works really well. I'll definitely be buying again!


very essy to use

By NIna20 May, 2013

We end up using a cap and a half of the liquid for a normal load which works well for us. The kids love watching the sachet dissolving bit - beats school chemistry!!



By toni20 May, 2013

this one is two sachets which take a bit longer to dissolve but it ends up just like a normal hand wash - not sure how it does that.... like it very much and are reordering..


Using new bottle

By SASy20 May, 2013

We got out cap replaced and got a new bottle which is smaller. This is better IMO as the concentration is stronger. We really love this fragrance - almost makes washing up fun!!



By Fiona18 May, 2013

We love the splosh products and now we shall try the handwash.


really nice fragrance

By Rach15 May, 2013

this has a really nice fragrance - everyone who has come round comments on it. we got some sachet stuck in the bottom of the tube but were told to rinse with warm water and now it's fine.


nice fragrance and good product

By clare15 May, 2013

we're happy with this product which is quite a new one on their website. refilling has been easy so far


Loving this

By AK15 May, 2013

Just ordering some more refills ..very happy with the fragrance


clever idea

By claire & family09 May, 2013

lovely fragrance and easy refilling.. am telling friends about splosh


Very happy

By KateP09 May, 2013

we like this washing up liquid, good fragrance, lots of bubbles and best of all is the refilling process



By HJ07 May, 2013

this is bubbly and has a nice fragrance. They made a smaller bottle which makes it more concentrated that the first one.


Fine for general washing up

By BeccaL07 May, 2013

We use this for general washing up and it works fine. Struggles a bit on grease but nice fragrance. We are re-ordering.


nice fragrance but.....

By Emma07 May, 2013

..... will not clean quite as well as fairy. Needs to be a bit stronger we think, but we're carrying on with it as refilling concept is good. Can you make this stronger splosh?


very much like this fragrance

By KIm07 May, 2013

we've tried both this fragrance and the mint one and we really like this one. it's quite unusual but smells very natural and friends have comment on it too.


Very interesting product

By Brian07 May, 2013

We were intrigued by this product with it's ability to move us on to refilling rather than recycling. You use two sachets in one bottle and they take a little longer to dissolve than other splosh products - when when it has done so the product works very well. The fragrance is nice and fresh.


nice but no bubbles

By lorryhawk01 May, 2013

smells nice but bubbles don't last long and is not as efficient as ecoleaf's washing-up liquid


Overall happy

By Wendy30 April, 2013

This product has struggled a bit on tough stains (stain remover Splosh??) but we love the fragrance and are overall happy with this and the Splosh refilling concept.


very pleased with splosh

By susan27 April, 2013

this product goes a long way and we really like the fragrance - thanks!!


Easy refilling

By Joyce27 April, 2013

This works very well, we just pop the sachet in add the water and then we have a good product with no wasted bottles. It works well


so clever

By Paul22 April, 2013

so easy to refill and great fragrance - will buy again happily.


Lovely product

By Alice22 April, 2013

This works well with our family's laundry and we are very happy with this Splosh product..


fab fragrance and great at cleaning...

By Elaine16 April, 2013

....... we are really getting into to Splosh!


So good my husband wants to clean

By Kayleigh13 April, 2013

We have been really impressed with Splosh products and this one is no exception. Cleans well and leaves a lovely fragrance. My husband adores the smell of this and cant wait to clean the kitchen now - bonus!


using splosh for children's clothes

By Sally J11 April, 2013

happy to use this for our children's clothes - no irritations and a lovely fragrance so happy so far


really good fragrance....

By Becky08 April, 2013

...we use this all time now as it's more eco than alternatives.


Love this!

By Lisa08 April, 2013

We love this Splosh product, even my husband doing the cleaning at last!


lovely fragrance

By Sarah03 April, 2013

we love the fragrance of this product. the refilling was very easy too.


great fragrance and good cleaning

By Rachel03 April, 2013

using this now for all our washing, including baby's clothes and really love it



By Dawn26 March, 2013

This smells fantastic, cleans really well too. Lots of bubbles,you don't need too much product to get a good clean either. Fully recommend.


The smell is AMAZING

By Rebecca21 March, 2013

I got given this as a tester when I bought my sofa and love it. Many of my friends have commented on the how good it smells and love the idea behind splosh.


Better than our old cleaner

By Heather19 March, 2013

Cleaned the limescale from our chrome shower better than our old brand and smelled so much better too


cleans well and love the almond fragrance

By tina s14 March, 2013

very happy with this product which i have recommended to friends now


Converted to Splosh!!

By Jo14 March, 2013

Writing a review for this product, but love several Splosh products. We love the fragrance of lavender (don't worry not over-powering) and find this cleans as well as other liquids we've tried...


Great job!

By Shadow10 March, 2013

Does the job very nicely. Even my son commented on it when doing his weekly sink cleaning job! I'm not sure about the scent, but it's not strong, so isn't a problem at all.


Not an overpowering scent at all.

By Shadow10 March, 2013

I was a little worried about an overwhelming lavender scent, but it's not overpowering at all, in the bottle or after washing. Seems to do the job nicely on our clothes, I may well be converted from powder use to liquid.


5 stars for this

By Andrea and family05 March, 2013

Use this all the time now - lovely lavender fragrance and good at cleaning too. Much better for the environment as we don't throw the bottles away now...


sticking with it

By claire05 March, 2013

stronger than ecover, but not as strong as Fairy - but we are sticking with it as it's better for the environment. Fragrance is very natural.


fab fragrance!!

By Megan05 March, 2013

so different to other products i've tried - fab fragrance which smells really natural


This is really good

By Carole20 February, 2013

Fab fragrance and work wells. Refilling part is easy too - 5 stars all round.


Really soft clothes

By Amanda 20 February, 2013

Love how soft this detergent leaves our clothes. The only thing is watch for bubbles after refilling as we find we have to let it settle before pouring.


pomegranate fragrance is lovely

By betts15 February, 2013

best fragrance we've tried for a kitchen cleaner, just ordering next refills


we all love the fragrance

By Ann and family15 February, 2013

this is a great fragrance all of us are really into it, sachets dissolve easily into bottle, its all very easy....


Best ever fragrance

By Sangita08 February, 2013

The fragrance is so natural that we all love it


thanks Splosh

By Sally08 February, 2013

Using this every day and loving the fragrance - needs a few squeezes for greasy pans though. The refilling is why we use Splosh as it stops throwing away bottles all the time which is crazy.


Easy peasy

By Sal02 February, 2013

This way of doing refilling is so easy I don't know why it hasnt caught on with all the big brands doing it. splosh seems to be the first and we love it. the kitchen cleaners work well and we go for this new fragrance having tried the other one first.


clever product

By Gemma30 January, 2013

this is so clever how the concentrate mixes with the water and changes colour and consistency. son and hubby are well into watching it!!


amazed at cleaning

By tessa30 January, 2013

use this now in pref to other eco brand.. it cleans real well and the refilling bit is much more eco than what others offer


cleans well

By Chloe29 January, 2013

This cleans our bathroom well and the fragrance is nice and fresh. They should do some more products using this way of refilling.


Lovely washing up liquid

By Mary S25 January, 2013

We all love this washing up liquid especially the fragrance and the refilling part is now very easy.


works very well

By Kerry21 January, 2013

we've got used to popping in the sachet and adding in the water (is that sploshing?!) and wouldn't do it any other way now. Really great fragrance the lavender and clothes feeling very soft.


easy to use

By Jon21 January, 2013

theres something about popping in the sachet and adding water, brings out the kid in me. we go for this fragrance.


Cleans ok but fragrance fantastic

By Cassie16 January, 2013

This cleans ok, less good than powder but fine for 90% of what we wash. The best bit is the fragrance and my daughter and even hubby love it!!


fab fragrance

By TJ16 January, 2013

fab and fun fragrance for a kitchen...... we love it coz its so much better for the environment


big yes to the fragrance

By Nina08 January, 2013

best floor cleaner fragrance i've come across and i've tried them all


this works great

By sandy08 January, 2013

so into splosh now, refilling dead easy and miles better for the planet than throwing the bottles away. love this laundry det especially the fragrance - fab


fragrance is very good...

By Mrs R Lambert03 January, 2013

... clothes smelling great and not having to throw away bottles now


great dish washing

By Cosima L03 January, 2013

works well for us and fragrance the best


All round great

By Chris03 January, 2013

So into this concept now - but no-one seems to know about it. Thuis product works great like the others.



By Anita31 December, 2012

i read this is made from plants which is better to use than chemicals destroying the planet. this cleans better than ecover imo which a waaay better smell., and we like doing the refilling.


Good clothes cleaning

By Mrs J Lewis31 December, 2012

We're into the Splosh way of doing things now in our family - makes so much more sense than throwing the bottles away. We love the fragrance of this laundry detergent but use one and a half cups most of the times per load.


like this

By Jamie19 December, 2012

never knew these cleaners had so much water in them so now i just splosh it in and it works fine


great idea

By Keely19 December, 2012

started using this now and it works great, really soft clothes


Great Product

By Stevieh18 December, 2012

A great Idea and works very well, very nice fragrance clothes smell really fresh.


love this........

By Daltons14 December, 2012

putting the sachet in is easy and like the soft feel - even hubby commented!! Refills price is good.


we like the smell

By Gina14 December, 2012

we like the smell, it cleans more like an eco washing up liquid and struggles a bit on greasy pans, but it works ok.


four stars

By Annette14 December, 2012

the second fragrance i have tried and it's really good, i like the refilling idea and have told friends


Really fruity!!

By Sue09 December, 2012

This smells so different, this is the one I am sticking with.


Better fragrance

By Olivia09 December, 2012

I prefer this fragrance to the other one. Bubbles do not last that long though.


Works for me

By Samatha L09 December, 2012

I love that you can refill without throwing away the bottle. This cleans my floors well but the fragrance is the best bit.


Easy to use

By Selina A03 December, 2012

I'm suspicious of what happens to recyclled bottles so have moved to Splosh for some products. This one is easy to use and works well.


Lovely fragrance

By Mrs Upton03 December, 2012

I use this because my family love the fragrance. lMy son loves the way the refilling works.


Excellent product

By The Jones'02 December, 2012

What a delightful product. Lovely fragrance and cleans really well. Glasses are sparkling and cleaned the Sunday roast tin with ease.


Less bubbles

By Jennifer G28 November, 2012

This product is not as strong as Fairy but it's stronger than Ecover in my opinion. Good for general washes but struggles on really greasy pans although job done eventually. I'm keeping with it coz I hate throwing bottles away.


Works well

By Ellie28 November, 2012

Not as strong as a powder but it works well and I'm ordering again for the fragrance. My son likes watching the sachets dissolve!


love this

By Jenny23 November, 2012

Very fresh fragrance on this cleaner and the refilling was easy.



By Anne22 November, 2012

We now use us this all the time. It needs 2 sachets for a bottle, not one but it works well and the fragrance is great.


super fragrance

By Mia22 November, 2012

I've bought this floor cleaner because I love the fragrance - smells of actual almonds.


Great product

By Michael29 October, 2012

loved using this over the weekend, the smell is fantastic


yummy almond fragrance

By JO29 October, 2012

Just tied this for the first time today and fragrance is yummy - really smells of almonds.


Love the fragrance

By Janet29 October, 2012

Love the fragrance of this product - hubby loves it too.


Great idea, great scent

By Geraldine26 October, 2012

Product worked well and easy to dilute as described. Scent very nice - even my husband commented!


Great product

By Michael24 October, 2012

smells great and works really well


Great stuff

By Tom19 October, 2012

I love the idea of Splosh and what's even better is that the stuff really works well, and smells great!


As good as anything else

By Nancy31 August, 2012

Quality product and great value. The scent is not overpowering.


Washing Up Liquid

By Katrina28 August, 2012

Finally a washing up liquid that is environmentally friendly AND works.


Best laundry detergent

By Hester 28 August, 2012

Cleans brilliantly and no need for fabric softener. Love not having to lug huge boxes of powder from the supermarket anymore!


Already an addict

By Hester 28 August, 2012

I am completely addicted to the smell of this product and cant stop using it. It works really well too.