Fabulous fragrances

The way we see it, fragrances for home care products are usually split into two camps.

On one hand, the nuke-every-germ-in-your-house brigade, tend to smell like the inside of a janitor’s broom cupboard. Your alternative is sophistication (of the synthetic kind) with fragrance names like ‘Ocean Breeze’ or ‘Spring Bouquet’.

We don’t care for either of these options. They both suffer from the same problem – an unmistakable whiff of chemicals.

We want to suggest a third way, and it’s almost unique in the home care market. Splosh fragrances are fresh, uplifting and simple. They always contain some natural essential oils and we sincerely believe they will be a breath of fresh air compared to whatever you were using before.

Our fragrances include -

Chamomile & Lavender All laundry products

Chamomile, with its scent of summer meadows, blends perfectly with an aromatic lavender to create a classic laundry fragrance. It’s subtle, but sweet and fresh too, much like the scent of a warm Provencal lavender field.

Lime Washing up liquid

Our sensational lime fragrance has a twist. It has all the zing you’d expect from a washing up liquid, but it’s gentle and sophisticated too. This probably comes from those natural essential oils we’ve thrown in – something of a rarity in the field of washing up liquids.

Pomegranate & Melon Kitchen cleaner

This is one of our favourite fragrances – quite a floral (perhaps even fruity) fragrance, which blends notes of ruby pomegranate with fresh melon. But there’s more – notes of raspberry, delicate rose, white lily and nectarine are all there too. Above all it’s fresh and fun.

Almond Floor cleaner

A stunningly fresh and uplifting sweet almond fragrance, which we loved the moment we first came across it. There are also notes of cherry blossom too, alongside aromatic sandalwood, amber and sweet fruits.