How it works

Splosh is the great new way to buy your home cleaning, laundry and health & beauty essentials.

First get your starter box

This contains all you need to get going with Splosh. It’s ordered here on this website and sent direct to you. Inside are up to eight bottles with some product inside to get you going.






After that all you need are the refills. These come in neat little boxes that fit through your letterbox.

We have designed the best way to get each refill to you – while maximising product performance.

Then you refill your bottle


Some products you pop…

1. Pop a sachet into your bottle.
2. Add water and be amazed by some clever chemistry.
3. Wait a minute or two and you’re set to go.


…others you pour

Simply pour the liquid into your bottle. And be amazed by the product’s performance.

Zero plastic waste

Plastic waste is an environmental disaster and we’re committed to reducing it to zero. For each product we’ve designed a refilling system that takes plastic out of the waste stream. For example our pouches can be sent back for refilling and, at the end of their life, we manage their reprocessing into other products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more info? Hopefully your questions will be answered on our FAQ page.
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