Our clever laundry caps

March 9th, 2017 - 11AM

One of the advantages of selling re-usable bottles (and caps) is that we can invest more in them than we would have done in disposable bottles. Our new laundry dispensers are a case in point. We call them Clever Caps – they have all the advantages of laundry sachets – in other words they provide a measured dose which stops you using too much detergent. Over dosing is one of the biggest problems with laundry detergents and our Clever Caps solve the issue. But, as you are still pouring a liquid, there is much less processing involved than having to manufacture sachets – which means our detergents are better value than laundry sachets.

Our caps couldn’t be easier to use. With the flip top lid closed “pour” for a few seconds. Then, each time you use the bottle, you will always pour just the right amount. You can see a video of the cap in action here – Splosh video

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