Our Story


Where did all that time go? 2016 marked some big and exciting changes for Splosh. We knew for a while that we needed to improve product performance of some of our products – but our chemists weren’t quite sure how to do it using water soluble sachets. Then it struck us – every product is different, so each one needs a slightly different refilling solution.

So 2016 was the year we moved into selling some products – like washing up liquids and laundry detergents – in pouches. They’re really easy to use and, with our simple refilling and reprocessing system, it’s meant that we can sell them without any zero plastic waste. We’ll say that again – zero plastic waste – the first time it’s ever been achieved for a washing up liquid. The good news is that the performance of all Splosh products is now second to none.


Our first full year of sales has been fun. Starter boxes and refill boxes have been whizzing out of our warehouse to thousands of new Splosh customers. We’re delighted that almost all starter box sales come through personal recommendations.

Our range has been increasing steadily – although it takes many months to move from “Hey that’s a great idea” to the product actually popping up on the website. Those that have seen the light of day include a refillable hand wash gel (in three sensational fragrances), toilet bowl cleaner and fabric conditioner. All three are world firsts – not bad for a tiddler among industry giants!

Meanwhile Splosh has been gaining kudos among eco opinion formers. For example, The Ellen Macarthur Foundation wrote a case study about us on their website. They coined the term “the circular economy” – which is all about treating production as a circular rather than a linear process. Splosh certainly ticks that box! See what the foundation wrote here.

To cap it all, in November 2013 we picked up a prestigious Green Apple Award at the House of Commons. This Europe-wide award recognises environmental best practice – so we can honestly say that Splosh now has “award winning” products!

Up to 2012

The Splosh story story starts back in January 2012. I was standing in the Hay on Wye Co-Op car park throwing plastic bottles into a recycling container, and was struck by the thought that what I was doing was pretty silly. Ridiculous in fact. I was buying bottles for stuff like washing up and laundry products, my family were using them once and then I threw them away – in perfectly good condition.

I turned to look at the supermarket, where mothers with children were pushing trolleys through the doors piled high with plastic bottles from their weekly shop. Could it be that these multi-billion pound businesses, which dominate the retail scene and whose bosses are considered some of the greatest businesspeople in the country, had a fundamental inefficiency at their heart? Driving away from the Co-Op that day, an idea started to gel in my mind….

It took many months before Splosh was born. Designers, chemists and fragrance experts have worked hard together to create an extraordinary new concept. The idea is to sell home care products direct to customers as concentrates. It’s never been done before, and a lot of complex chemistry has had to be overcome in order to achieve it.

I believe Splosh is better value and more convenient than our competitors. But much more importantly our refilling system greatly reduces environmental impact through low CO2 emissions and by cutting out waste. The throw-away culture of the last few years has created an environmental disaster (and recycling is not the solution here). It doesn’t have to be like this and I hope Splosh can introduce you to a new way of doing things.

Angus Grahame

Founder of Splosh