Safety information

Splosh products are classified under The Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures Regulation (CLP) – (EC) No 1272/2008 (as amended) and attract certain Pictograms, Hazard Statements and Precautionary Statements which we are required to print on our bottles, pouches, refill boxes and on our website.

Safe to use?

Splosh products are perfectly safe to handle and use in your home provided you follow our instructions carefully. Here’s why. Unlike every other home care company, some Splosh products come in two forms – as concentrates and in diluted usable form in bottles. When they are diluted in bottles with tap water, the hazard profile of our products is very similar to other eco products you see for sale on supermarket shelves.

When these products are concentrated they have almost no water in them, and so their hazard classification changes. Although a concentrated product represents more of a potential hazard than a less concentrated one, we were determined to take as much water out as possible – because of the enormous environmental benefits in reducing transport CO2 emissions.

For some products, to make them safe to handle and to minimise their risk in use, we encased our concentrates in a material called PVOH. This is similar to the material that is used for liquid laundry tabs. As there is no need to cut or tear them, the PVOH sachets prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the concentrates. Our sachets are robust and are pressure tested to 65psi at time of manufacture. We have also laboratory tested them using many different methods over many weeks to ensure they are both stable and safe to use in a wide variety of conditions.

Our postal boxes are very strong too. They are made of corrugated card and designed to be very robust. Externally they are strapped in tough tape that can only be removed by scissors. We endlessly drop test them – it’s not very scientific, but it’s the best way of making sure packaging is super-strong.

All this means that sachet breakage or damage is extremely unlikely but, if it does happen, you should dispose of the sachet and its contents safely before use. Please also remember that PVOH is a soluble material and so we recommend you handle the sachets with dry hands and you keep them stored in a dry place. As with all cleaning products it is also important to keep them away from children.