Water for sale

Take a look at the ingredients printed on the back of any liquid home cleaning or laundry product. The first named ingredient is water (otherwise known as ‘aqua’). It is typically between 70% and 95% of the whole formulation.

In other words, you are mainly buying water.

A high water content makes sense for both manufacturers and retailers. Because water has a low cost, it bulks out the product and helps to increase margins. The only extra cost is in transporting it around the country and, because supermarkets have such efficient distribution networks, they have been able to remain competitive.

But the water that’s in those bottles could just as easily come out of your tap – it’s the same stuff that’s in the product. And if it does come out of your tap, which is the Splosh way of doing things, you are making a big contribution to the environment. Does anyone seriously think it makes more sense to transport water in lorries rather than it flowing through pipes?

Our competitors clearly do.