What’s inside?

Working hard…

The problem with many eco brands, despite them sounding so wholesome and natural, is that they don’t actually clean too well.

That doesn’t make sense. And it’s wasteful too, because you end up using loads of their product in a desperate attempt to get some cleaning action out of them.

So let us reassure you – Splosh products do what they’re supposed to do. They work. Whether it’s getting the dirt out of your children’s shorts or easing the grease off the kitchen surfaces you can be sure we’ve given our formulations the requisite muscle power. We test everything we develop under laboratory conditions first and then in people’s homes. Only when we’re satisfied we have a great product do we offer it for sale on our website.

And if you don’t love our stuff, we more than happy to offer you a 100%, no-quibble money-back guarantee.

…with velvet gloves

So we throw in loads of toxic ingredients to blast every last germ out of the house? Not at all.

We’re really careful about what ingredients we use. Our responsibility is not just to you but to our planet too. To give you an idea what that means in practice, here are some of the principles we follow in formulating Splosh products.

Plant derived ingredients – when we can

We use mainly plant-derived ingredients in most of our formulations. We believe that if an ingredient is natural then it’s ultimately a more sustainable option than sourcing a synthetic alternative. That’s most of the ingredients in our products can be traced back to natural and sustainable sources.

Why haven’t we gone all the way to 100% plant derived? Sometimes, when there is no viable natural alternative, we do include synthetic ingredients in our formulations. That’s not to say that these ingredients are necessarily ‘bad news’ for the environment. There are many synthetic ingredients out that are carefully tested and proven to be non-toxic and which (many chemists would argue) have even less environmental impact than their natural alternatives.

So every ingredient we’ve chosen is, in the opinion of our formulators, the best and most sensible option for the environment – and that usually means they are plant derived. Avoiding the nasty stuff

Avoiding the nasty stuff

There are all sorts of ingredients we’re more than happy to keep out of our formulations.

Caustics, animal products (we are vegan friendly), EDCs and the like don’t get a look in. It’s perfectly possible to formulate great functioning products without resorting to the assistance of the bad guys. Besides they can get you into trouble afterwards – with concerns about toxicity, and even carcinogens and the like hanging around them like a bad smell.

Rapid biodegradability

We try not to take this personally, but the fact is that every Splosh product ultimately ends up going down your drain.

It’s therefore our responsibility to make absolutely sure that every ingredient we use breaks down quickly and readily when back out in the environment. Too much damage has been done to our aquatic systems over the years in the name of clean clothes and ‘germ free’ toilets. It’s been madness – but by buying Splosh products you can help put a stop to all that.

Our rapidly biodegradable products are also septic tank safe and never tested on animals.

To see the ingredients for individual products, go the the Range page and select the More Information link under any product. The ingredients are listed on the second tab at the bottom of the page.