Zero waste

We’ve eliminated plastic waste from many of our products. Here’s how it works:

The refill (for example a fabric conditioner) comes in a pouch with a spout. You refill your Splosh bottle by pouring the liquid into the bottle.

By using a pouch to refill you’ve reduced plastic waste by over 70% – but you can do even better and leave zero plastic waste! Simply collect four spouted pouches and return them to us in a refill box. You’ll find the returns label in our washing up liquid refill boxes. You can also send back laundry powder pouches in the same box. There’s no charge for postage.

We refill the spouted pouches and send them out again.* Once they can no longer be used we reprocess them into other products. This is clever because normally pouches can’t be reprocessed but, because we control the process, we are able to ensure they get made into other products.

* If you don’t want to receive a refilled pouch you can select an option in your account settings to always have a new pouch. Please note that pouches that contained personal care products are not refilled.

So that’s it, zero waste with Splosh.

Returning spouted pouches

You can return your pouches with spouts (containing laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, washing up liquids and floor cleaner) for refilling and reprocessing. It’s a great way to reduce plastic waste to zero. Please send four spouted pouches to us in a large refill box. Click the link below to print a returns label.

Splosh returns label